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Title: Jughrāfiyā va barnāmah/rīzī-i muhīṭī.  جغرافیا و برنامه ریزی محیطی

Alternative Title: Geography and Environmental  Planning


Director-in-Charge: Dariush Rahimi

Editor-in-Chief: S. Abolfazl Massodian

Date of Foundation: 2009

License holderUniversity of Isfahan

Publisher: University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

Publication Period: 4 Issues/year

Journal Languages: Persian

Type of Review: Double Blind and peer-reviewed

Access: Open Access

Publishing Cost: A fee of 5,000,000 Rials is payable for publication costs (1,500,000 Rials is the cost for initial review and at the second stage if the paper is accepted by the referees additional 3,500,000 Rials should be paid for editing and publishing). Published articles are free to access and download.

Website: http://gep.ui.ac.ir

Indexing in:   Academia,  Google Shcolar,  EBSCO host databases,  Ulrichsweb,  ...

License: CC BY-NC

Plagiarism Policy:

 The author(s) must avoid plagiarism of any kind and abide by the principle of intellectual property and joint data ownership in the case of the originality of the manuscript and research carried out in collaboration with a supervisor(s) and/or other researchers. The need to validate new observations by showing that experiments are reproducible should not be interpreted as plagiarism, provided that the data to be confirmed are explicitly quoted.

 Researchers should ensure, if any aspect of their work is delegated, that the person to whom it is delegated has the competence to carry it out.

 This journal will judge any case of plagiarism on its own metrics. If plagiarism is detected, either by the editors, peer reviewers or editorial staff at any stage before publication of a manuscript, before or after acceptance, during editing or at page proof stage, we will alert the author(s), asking her or him to either rewrite the text or quote the text exactly and to cite the original source. If the plagiarism is extensive, the article may be rejected.

 If extensive plagiarism is detected after publication of a manuscript, The article will be deleted from the archive, this plagiarism will be announced on journal website and the author(s) name(s) will be put in blacklist.

Archive policies and retention of articles

The journal of Geography and Environmental  Planning is committed to archiving, meaning long-term preservation and providing access to scientific research material published electronically in the journal of Geography and Environmental  Planning. This policy statement specifies the extent of the journal’s archival commitment and the relevant procedures for fulfilling this commitment. The journal of Geography and Environmental  Planning will serve as an archive for all electronic content published by the journal. The content of the archive will include all the editions of this magazine with the ability to access online and publish relevant supplementary materials. The original content of published material will never change but may be supplemented by annotations or additional information due to the occurrence of errors and the need to correct content, references, and other parts that undergo changes after the original publication.

  • gep adheres to the publication ethics and publication malpractice policies as outlined by COPE