Effects of Ecogeomorphological Parameters on Chemical Water Quality Case Study: Kor River and Doroodzan Dam Lake



      Abstract   Geomorphological parameters are the most determinant and effective factors of quality of water resources especially on the surface waters like rivers and lakes. The physical and chemical quality of waters can be changed by the lithological str u cture of this basin, kind of sediments transported to the river and the ecological indices such as human activities like agriculture, industry and urbanization. Combination of these factors should be considered as ecogeomorphology. The effect of affected parameters on chemical water quality of Kor river in the upper lands of Doroodzan dam basin and its lake was investigated through this research. Variation of geological formation such as limestone and erosible structure in the basin and also the role of run off in different sediment transport to Kor river, due to topography and basin slope, affect the quality of Doroodzan dam lake. Also the effect of development and the variation of water uses, the growth of population and the increasing rate of the waste water in the agriculture, urban and rural activities are applied to the research.