A Study of the Importance of the Sustainability of Development in Arid Regional Cities with respect to Environmental Factors:



    Â Â Â  Abstract   Sustainable Development is the newest slogan of environmental movements in the world and primarily emphasizes aspects of environmental and ecological growth and development of countries in the zonal and international level its main purpose is to prevent the decline of future generations’ potentiality to fulfill its needs and to provide and to secure the natural and environmental resources of the posterity as well as new generations. Due to the importance of Sustainable Development in the world and in the arid regions, this research evaluates and studies Sustainable Development in Ardakan city in its ecological dimension. In this dimension, regarding the literature of Sustainable Development and by seeing to the key themes suggested by CSD, these indicators are selected and are primarily compared with the urban areas of country by Wilcoxon Test. In the second stage, the differences of development within 17 areas of Ardakan are determined by Mooris inequality Index. The findings of this research indicate a meaningful difference between Ardakan and urban areas of the country and also the unsustainability in Ardakan areas is revealed to us. It looks that measures like hydrologic resource development, preserving underground waters, expanding urban green spaces would be useful for decreasing variations.