A Study on GgA Study on Ggeomorphologic Instability in Saien Defile (between, Nir and Sarab, Azarbyjan area) by Using of Anbalagan Method



    Â  Abstract   In 16.3.1384 a relatively large landslide occurred in connective highway in Ardabil province between Nir and Sarab (Saien defile). Due to the landslide, nearly 1km above the mentioned road was ruined and then many human and financial damages occured. The different factors have played an important role in this landslide such as: geological factors (lithology and structural), soil thickness and texture, vegetation coverage percentage, land use, the rate of the ups and downs and slopes and then groundwater. We tried to study this area to find the instability rate in various parts which is possible to prevent in future. For this purpose, and based on Anbalagan method, at first the whole area was divided into 32 parts then, effective factors in landslide per parts were evaluated separately, and its numerical value was provided and finally all the values were added up to get the total value. Based on the obtained values, the map of landslide risk was designed for the whole area. The study of this map indicates that the whole area has been divided into five parts for landslide risk. Upper risk was 10.5 km square or 23 percent of the whole area located around Balkhly river. The area with higher risk was 24.6 percent the area with middle risk formed 2.1 percent, area with low risk was 18 percent and the area with the lowest was 14.75 percent.