Investigation of Change of Some Climatic Elements in North Coast of Persian Gulf Using Kendal Test



  Abstract   In order to detect climate change in North Coast of Persian Gulf the information of 5 parameters including minimum temperature, maximum temperature, average temperature, precipitation and relative humidity, in three synoptic stations (Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and Abadan) have been selected for a 50 year statistical period (1956-2005). Then these information were entered in a database consisting of 130 matrixes (5×26) using MATLAB software. Using 12د„'> Kendal test and programming in this software, the climate changes procedure has been investigated. The results indicate that the average temperature changes in every 3 stations are similar to minimum temperature changes procedure which shows minimum temperature has been caused increasing of average temperature. Also results show that in every three stations, relative humidity has a significant descending pattern or it does not follow a significant one which is stranger in warm seasons. Study of precipitation parameter showed frequency of significant descending in all of stations for this parameter without presence of any not significant one.