Investigation and evaluation of Isfahan city Parks conditions Base on existing standard for access of weak and disabled people



  Abstract   Among the necessities of societies growth and development is to create some suitable spatial beds for the use of all people from public services and facilities in order to better movement and easier access. Disabled people, sacrificed and weak persons like other people have the right use public facilities and services. But the existing of some special obstacles in drawing, constructing and town making, have been caused that most of the city spaces, specially public places, public routes, parks and green spaces have rare conditions to provide needs of disabled people. Regarding purposes and existing standard, have been estimated situation of 36 parks in Isfahan according to the field observation and completed question arise by disabled persons. The results show that among the studied parks, 2.8 percent have suitable conditions, 30.5 percent are determined as rarely suitable, and 66.7 percent have unsuitable condition. So to improve the public places condition for more applications to use disable person and more exploitation from parks and green spaces and to provide these city places for disable people it needs to more attentions.