Compassion of economical damages of Agriculcheral drought in Naein City with other townships in Isfahan (for 1378-1382 years)



  Compassion of economical damages of Agriculcheral drought in Naein City with other townships in Isfahan (for 1378-1382 years)     H. R . Varesi   Associate Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Isfahan, Iran   H. Beikmohammadi   Associate Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, Islamic Azad University, Najaf Abad branch, Isfahan, Iran   S. Ghanbari   Ph.d Student of Geography and Rural Planning, University of Isfahan, Iran     Abstract   Isfahan is located in center of Iran with desert climate continentally in mid-north and east and with mid-dessert climate in central parts and south and mild climate with rather good rain in mid-west and western south. This case causes drought factor to threaten Isfahan alternately and it has brought many damages in deferent parts of this city and its townships economically. These damages are various in proportions to geographical conditions of townships of this province. Among these townships, Naein has faced with unarguable and latent effects of drought on agricultural and gardening sections, because it is located in dry part east of Isfahan. In the years from 1378 until 1382, there has been the most sever drought which this recent research tries to compare financial damages resulted from drought phenomenon in rural agriculture section with townships of Isfahan and Naein. The aim of this resent reaserch is to compare and realize the effective factors which affect drought rate of agricultural and gardening products of Naein and to compare these factors with other townships and is also to find and use methods to decrease negative effects of drought on economical system of agricultur on differents rural parts of Isfahan. Reaserch method of this reaserch is descriptive-analyzing and survey and necessary statistics were prepared by agriculture and jahad -organization and statistic annuals and unexpected events of provincial groups also helped to collect to compare different levels of under agricultur and rates of damages. The rate of damages in agricultural and gardenhng section was estimated for each township with regard to geographical size and measure of under agricultural products with recorded rate of damages per acre in the mentioned years were evaluated by the method of statistic description and software EXCLE and SPSS compared and related. In the second stage,the recent proportions were drawn and mapped by software ARC-GIS. The results of recent analyzing of findings show that the losses resulted from drought in agricultural sections on townships of Isfahan have direct effects on the increase of rural emigration and changing jobs(handicraft, mining, …)and the recent maps and graphs show the rate of gardening and agricultural damages depend on geographical (western town- ships, central and southern has the most damages of all), conditions, levels of under agriculture,the rate of drought and crisis management in the mentioned years.