Axioms of geomorphology and Geotourism status


University of Tabriz


Extended Abstract
1- Introduction
Despite the interest of researchers and students of geomorphology to study topics of geotourism in the past decade, the overall structure does not follow the established principles. Therefore, this paper has attempted to explore the various dimensions of the issue and offer views of the experts, the starting point for there view of geomorphological position of Geotourism toward enriching our literature provided.

Given the nature of this article or its critical perspective, first a definition of terms and concepts such as geotourism, ecotourism and geohiking tourism who criticism is based on, is presented. Then, the process of formation and evolution the theory is being investigated.Geographical and geological characters of geotourism and position of geomorphology in these classic characters in world literature and Iran geotourism, relation to geotourism and geomorphology, review of the critical terms used in the Geotourism literature of Iran as "Geomorphotourism", Persian equivalent of "Geomorphosite" and«Geo-Hiking Tourism», relation to geotourism and ecotourism, and research methods, are major issues and challenges in geotourism studies by geomorphological approach that have been studied in this paper.

Past decade should be decade, interest in the field of geomorphology researchers called Geotourism issues in Iran. With reference to databases of articles and geomorphological thesis can easily be seen by extension fortunate. However, the overall structure of these studies does not follow the established principles. For example, in some studies the geotourism is used in geographical concept and in others in geological concept, in cases where with ecotourism concept combines, Some researchers are refused of the use of Persian equivalent words. Entering new words like "geomorphotourism" in geomorphological literature of Iran and Persian equivalents for the terms required by such "geomorphosite" and … are important issues that, despite the expansion of studies of geotourism, addressing their preferences and some inconsistencies in published works to be seen. Geotourism development, recognizing the need to present challenges and strategies for its development. So that if the attention to the scope of nature of this knowledge is not, It is always possible that our research will fundamentally wrong. Therefore, while we tried to explore the various dimensions of the issue and offering views of the experts, as the starting point to review the status of the geomorphological literature of Geotourism and a step in the direction of our country to be removed.

Geomorphological nature of geotourism has basically a geographical character, geomorphological processes and landforms and their evidence on geomorphosites is one of the main components of geotourism, Recommendations on the equivalent Persian words of "Geomorphosite" and«Geo-Hiking Tourism»,have been, Instead of using the word "Geomorphotourism" in geotourism studies should be done in terms of its geographical character, Geotourism is not a subset of ecotourism, And the evaluation of geomorphosites using special techniques of geotourism evaluation of geomorphosites and analysis morphogenetic systems of study areas is necessary.
Based on the results of the written reviews in this field, we can say:
- Geotourism in itá¾½s geomorphologic aspect has the geographical character and the geomorphologic processes and forms are a key element of knowledge is geotourism.
- Geotourism is not a subset of Ecotourism and the use of specific evaluation methods and morphogenetic systems analysis in geomorphosite studies of study areas is necessary.
- Instead of using the word "geomorphotourism", is better Geotourism studies done in terms of its geographical character.
Seems to be the future face of tourism in Iran, as in other countries, with new forms of tourism specifically geotourism, will be manifest. Geotourism provides an opportunity to countries or regions on the planet will have its own unique ID. Through geotourism can be achieved
tourism development, conservation of geographical heritage of areas, to benefit local communities and strengthen the tourism infrastructure to achieve sustainable business.