The location hospitals using Fuzzy Logic combining AHP and TOPSIS environment ARCGIS



Extended abstract
1- Introduction
Introduction, medical and health user, such user that the distribution in the city is important, Even for measuring sustainable development of cities as an important factor use. And the proper distribution so that all residents have proper access in the city, Requirement is new urbanism. Tabriz is one of the cities is the Iran that does not have an appropriate distribution of medical space. In this study, the city of Tabriz has been selected as a case study.
Methodology, In order to achieve study objectives, information about the hospitals in Tabriz, especially maps 2000 / 1 of Tabriz by the Institute of Geography and Cartography adapt their place on maps of 2000 / 1 on the basis of theoretical analysis and views Has been analyzed. And how their establishment, to identify natural features, neighboring uses, the central level hospitals and..., adapting existing maps have been done with regional field studies. The optimal location for the hospital to adopt the proposed method with a new approach to location using a combination method FuzzyTOPSIS and AHP has been done. raster GIS software environment Results and discussion, To locate hospitals has been used Uses evaluation three Matrix 1 - Matrix compatibility 2 - matrix desirability 3 - matrix capacity. All three matrix expressed mainly is paying qualitative assessment uses. Evaluation of urban land uses are done primarily to reassure them of the establishment reasonable And the proportions necessary observe both quality and quantity. That uses in a region are being establishment, should not are cause inconvenience and hinder implementation other activities. . Accordingly, the uses in terms of compatibility modes may be the following: A) Fully compatible with each other, ie both have some common characteristics and their activity is also consistent with each other. B) is fairly consistent, ie, the amount of incompatibility between these two should have more consistency. C) are fairly incompatible, ie, the amount of incompatibility between them is more uses compatibility. D) are completely incompatible, ie, no uses profile both consistent with each other and not be opposed to each other. E) are indifferent, ie, the two types of uses to adapt it to be different. According to field survey and map the distribution of hospitals in Tabriz, the result is a situation implies that the spatial distribution of hospitals in the study urban planning principles and criteria do not match. Meanwhile, the existing hospital, mostly are located in the central part of the city and distribution of hospitals in other parts of the city, the study was inappropriate. . For example, while hospital conditions there are in North, South and North East Tabriz , mostly hospitals where locate in the central city that commercial sector also means that the large market town of Tabriz is located in its.
Conclusion, The final map obtained from the proposed model is shows high performance models in determining optimal location of hospitals, Despite the appropriate uses for the construction of hospitals in the East, South East South and West Town are studied (Map priority lands), Because far from regional centers, low density, proximity to faults and rivers and ...this areas in final map have been in the indifferent classes or relatively incompatible to the built hospital. According to the maps obtained from hospitals in Tabriz model allows more than 80 percent there are land areas on priority (fully compliant), However, some uses including airports, religious places, ancient sites and communication networks as well as restrictions on the model layer in ourselves. According to the results of the calculated pixel lands GIS environment shows that 9.74 percent of the area of Tabriz for hospital construction in urban area fully compatible unit and 12.4 percent is relatively consistent, is indifferent to 41.07 percent, 9.96 percent completely incompatible land, 5.02 percent and 5.93 percent of the relatively incompatible with the region of Tabriz Area Hospital construction is limited. Despite the good places to build hospitals in the Tabriz city present situation hospitals one type focus on of center can be seen, using appropriate criteria and models proposed in the present study, can be reduced locate the uses is the most important problems of urban .