Analyzing factors effective in repaying bank facilities to agricultural beneficiaries(Acase study in the province of Southern Khorasan)


1 of Birjand Islamic azad university

2 of Birjand university


Financial and credit institutions, as an important economic pivot in distributing financial resources of the country, have an undeniable role in rural development, especially in agricultural sector. The objevtive of the present study is to identify factors effective of the present study is to identify factors effective in timely repayment of bank facilities by agricultural beneficiaries to the agricultural bank as the most major financial institution for paying agricultural credits to the villagers. The present study, based on its objective, has an opplied feature, and from its nature and method viewpoint, is an analytic-descriptive research. Data gathering is performed in documentary and field methods.The sample population under study,based on Kukran formula, was calculated as 395 agricultural beneficiaries and information was gathered by a questionnaire. To analyze the data. We used chi-square and logistic regression tasts in software SPSS. The sample of variables used in the research includes the beneficiaries, place of residence, their education level, crop insurance, repayment method, surface area of the land under cultivation, supplying agricultural water,etc. which regarding timely repayment of facilities were investigated. The results showed that, based on the chi-square test, there is a positive and significant relationship between variables used in the research and timely repayment of the agricultural bank facilities by the beneficiaries. The logistic analysis by step-by-step method showed that five variables including education level, family dimension, insurance, and paid in amount had an effect rate of 88.1percent on timely repayment of the facilities.