The infill development, strategic focus on increasing the physical stability of historical - cultural metropolis, Tabriz,



Although urban sprawl is the primary cause of population increase, however, scattering its unreasonable, adversely affects the natural environment and cultural communities. The infill development pattern is one of the smart growth tools, and if realized, are the obvious examples of sustainable development Shortage of land, natural and artificial obstacles horizontal expansion of cities, urban sprawl on hazard zones and faults, the high cost of basic services and urban facilities, also, some considerations related to environmental sustainability, urban renewal and authenticity of the tissues, reduce waste of money and energy, creating good transport network, user mixes and things like this, is caused to move towards the goals of sustainable development should be considered. Tabriz is one of the oldest living centers that in different directions of natural, political, demographic and ... is important. Dispersed and horizontal expansion of the city, while sometimes faced with natural constraints, the cost of urban services also increases. Also, about a third of the population of Tabriz marginalized form,if we add to the number of residents aged tissues, probably about half of the population live in unsuitable conditions and disorders.The pattern of sustainable development, and improving the texture of rusty, and encouraging settlement in areas of low population density in the city center, to solve these problems. In this study to assess the physical development and consequently the filling potential evaluation, the historical - cultural city of Tabriz were selected and comprehensive plan data of 6th region is used In order to analyze the physical development and evaluation of the filling potential, the model is developed and the physical development of the historic-cultural center of Tabriz examines and the filling potential have been identified. Then, increase the sustainability scenarios for the studied area, is proposed Finally, with regard to the existing situation and output model, this result was obtained that, with the infill development and changes in the texture of the surface can enhance the stability of the city and provide an appropriate physical structure.