Application of Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process in urban centers priority with ecological consideration (case study West Azerbaijan province)


university of mazandaran


For the achieved of sustainable development goals, assessment of ecological capable is basic studied for the land use planning. The ecological capability is the sustainable protection system of urban ecology for the urban development and Protection system of urban ecology is integrated unit demand for urban development the impact Limited is the inappropriate of urban development. For the second stage studies of land preparation to evaluating the land potential ecological to land use and Determine priorities and the land use of between organize in the space planning, Mc Harg model is used for many years on a global scale with specific regional modifications in according the structure and calculation in the brief level to the detailed manual and computer method. Iran is becoming an increasingly urban place. Many cities in Iran are experiencing rapid urbanization, mostly in the form of unplanned development. Also West Azarbaijan province is not Exception of this option and increasingly is becoming in urban sites. The environment and human in certain problem has the province of regions. Hence requires ecological knowledge partnership as a strategic to protect and improve urban zones. In this regard of present study for Priority the province's urban centers used Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process.

2- Methodology
This research is Following Application of Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process in urban centers priority with ecological consideration. The method was descriptive and analytical, In this regard used of Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process.
3– Discussion

Theoretical studies were classified field criteria to assess the ecological for urban development and Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process used for the calculation final score of each criterion was formed the paired comparison fuzzy matrix and calculation was Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process can be prioritized in terms of urban ecology. Finally each of options score was obtained for sustainable urban development with the weight coefficient corresponding to the classical hierarchical analysis. This finally score was obtained of product final weight criteria in the final weight under criteria of each option.

4– Conclusion
Results showed that the total score of cities in Khoy, Maku, Chaldoran, Poldasht and Chaypareh is more for the development. This prioritization is based on ecological characteristics of the urban environment and considering their compliance with the contents of the resource map is closer to reality. Research findings indicate that cities are developing in the first and second priority is not only because of ecological resources. But due to the strategic location of the transit of goods to neighboring countries like Turkey, Nakhchevan Republic, Iraq and that is having the infrastructure sector indices, benefiting from ecotourism, tourism and historical context.