The role of social capital on reinforcement of entrepreneurship in the rural areas, case stud, Ardabil Province.


mohaghegh ardabili university


The purpose of the present study was to investigate role of social capital on reinforcement of rural entrepreneurship. The research method was a analytical-explanation study of the survey type. The target population in the study was the entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs of rural in Ardabil Province. Using simple random sampling technique, 180 the entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs were selected as statistical. The content and face validity of the instrument was specified after several times review and correction by the faculty of members at university and several expertise of administrative offices. The reliability analysis was conducted and Cronbach’s alpha values for the various sections of instrument were estimated to be between 0.75 and 086.The results of Spearman test showed that there was a statistically significant positive relationship between social confidence, social participation, social consolidation, rate of satisfaction, tendency of membership to local institutions, rate of horizontal relation in the base of collaboration, social communication and rate of awareness with reinforcement of entrepreneurship. In addition, the results of the multivariate regression revealed that 0.78 percent of variability in reinforcement of rural entrepreneurship stems from social capital. Finally, based on the results analysis, some applied recommendations have been provided.