The Synoptic and three-dimensional Survey of Cyclone Activity over Iran in 1372


university of isfahan, Iran


n this study investigated the synoptic and 3-d dimensional cyclone and cyclogenesis centers in different levels at theatmosphere in 1372. Improvement forecast of climatic systems for preventing of damages and disease cause of them and or better planning for use of precipitation, necessities for the identifying cyclone centers and which cyclones that included our country.The cyclones identified and detected through the designed algorithms. Case study area included -30 western degree, 80 eastern degrees and 0 to 80 northern degrees. For this purpose used of reanalyzed NCEP/NCAR data, 6-hour intervals(00, 06, 12, 18z) and 2.5*2.5 degrees of spatial resolution for detection of cyclones that affected in the middle east and Iran regions. Grads software was used for the spatial detection of cyclones. Matlab, Surfer and Excel software was used for the analysis and map designing. Results show that in 500 and 1000 hpa levels had more cyclones than 925, 850, 700 and 600 hpa levels. Autumn season had the highest cyclone except 500 hpa level through all level studied. Summerseason had the lowest cyclone through all levels was studied. Also, main cyclogenesis centers were located in the Gulf of Genoa , Southern Italy, and Spanish-Portugal.