Simulation of Snow-melt Runoff in Shahrchay Basin Using the SRM Model

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

2 Associate Professor, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

3 PhD Candidate, University of Tabriz, Iran

4 Associate Professor, University of Tabriz, Iran.


Considering the importance of snowfall in supplying water of different regions especially mountainous areas, accurate estimation of snow water equivalence and changes of its coverage would be effective in agriculture, energy, management of reservoir and flood warnings. In this study, in order to estimate the runoff from melting snow in Shahrchay basin, snow cover for water year of 2012-2013 were extracted in ENVI software by using images of Modis satellite with a 1 km spatial resolution. Then, by using the Hec_GeoHMS accession in the GIS software, meteorological characteristics of the basin were obtained. In the next step, the snow-melt runoff was simulated by importing snow cover data, meteorological variables and indicators for the SRM model. The results showed that the river flow share of snow melting is impressive in March and April, but with the increase in the degree of air temperature in June, the proportion of rain is more impressive. Also, simulation results indicate high accuracy of this model, so that the coefficient of determination and volume percent of error of model was 0.9 and %1.96, respectively.


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